Why are record numbers of Illinoisians quitting their jobs?


If you haven’t heard the term “The great resignation“, you will probably do so in the very near future.

The Great Resignation, also known as “The big stop“, is a phenomenon of people across the country deciding to quit their jobs. It started in the early spring of this year and has grown since then, particularly here in Illinois.

Record numbers of Illinoisans quit their jobs in August

In August, 210,000 Illinois residents, or about 3.5% of the state’s workers, decided to quit their current jobs. The odd thing about this massive job exodus in Illinois is that while we set an all-time record in Illinois, we are only 7th in the United States for the number of people with resigned during the Great Resignation.

According to an article at IllinoisPolicy.org, the top 5 states in terms of workers leaving their jobs are:

  1. Kentucky
  2. Georgia
  3. Idaho
  4. Alaska
  5. Indiana

Iowa is at # 6, while we are at # 7 in Illinois. Of the top 7 states to lead the nation in resignations, the Midwest represents four of those states.

So what’s causing the spike in Illinoisans who give their jobs a hard time?

A few minutes ago, a colleague gave his opinion on the reasons why we are witnessing a vocational mass exodus: “They know they can sit on their butt and get a good check anyway! “

While this may be true for some of the hundreds of thousands of people who have quit, it doesn’t really explain the situation.

Job opportunities in Illinois are relatively rare. Illinois is one of eight states that actually has more unemployed people than job vacancies, according to a Illinois Policy Institute Analysis, which means that companies may be less competitive when offering salaries or benefits.

The bottom line is that Illinois residents who quit their jobs aren’t doing so to remain unemployed, but rather to find better employment in a neighboring state.

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