The Ministry of Forests “on a war footing” to fight against fires


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The preparation of the forestry department on Saturday prevented a serious fire on difficult-to-access terrain from turning into a serious incident, department director Charalambos Alexandrou said on Sunday.

Speaking to the Cypriot news agency, Alexandrou said the department was as prepared as it would be for a war as the fire danger remains on red alert.

He said the department’s goal is to respond to a fire outbreak within 10 minutes.

To do this, there are watch posts around the island in addition to patrols that operate in areas where there are none, such as the Kakopetria Valley and the forests of Paphos and Machairas.

The planes are always ready to go and on Saturday a serious and difficult incident in Kyperounda went almost unnoticed as it was answered and turned off so quickly that there was already a plane in the air, which was supported by the dispatch immediate five firefighters. trucks.

“We are on the battlefield. It is no different from a war. We have our finger on the trigger, ”he said. He said that with a heat wave developing over a hot, dry summer after a dry winter, the area is “like gunpowder”. “If you do not react from the first minute with the maximum possible. mobilization, things will be extremely difficult, ”added Alexandrou.

He again called on the public not to engage in any activity that could cause sparks or start a fire.

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