The Forestry Department is committed to ensuring the safety of visitors to permanent forest reserves


KUALA LUMPUR: The Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia (JPSM) remains committed to increasing the level of visitor safety in order to reduce the risk of accidents during climbing and recreation activities in Permanent Forest Reserves as well as to implement measures to protect forest resources.

Cameron Highlands District Forestry Officer Arifhadi Johari Affandi said to protect forest resources such as forest trails, the department is limiting the number of individuals allowed to enter forest reserves at any time.

“The factors taken into account in controlling the number of individuals entering forest reserves are the width and length of the trails, the distance the climbers wish to cover and the average climbing time,” he said during a webinar on search and rescue challenges in the permanent forest. Reserves held in conjunction with the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Service (JBPM).

Arifhadi said forest resources such as the trails will become wider due to frequent use if the number of visitors is not controlled.

He said that JPSM also took several accident prevention measures, such as carrying out maintenance work on the climbers’ trails at least twice a year, signage at checkpoints and working closely with the association. local mountain guides.

The webinar led by Forest Eco-Park and Forestry Director Mohd Yussainy Md Yusop, State Park Director, was also attended by the Deputy Commander of the Pahang Tactical Operations and Rescue Task Force Malaysia (STORM ) Muhamad Haziq Hazmi.

Muhamad Haziq advised hikers who have strayed into the forest to stay put to facilitate search and rescue operations, adding that members of the public wishing to carry out hiking activities to record the telephone number of the fire station. fire brigade or police station near the recreation area to speed up rescue operations.

As a reminder, camping and hiking activities are not allowed in the entire Movement Control Order (MCO) 3.0. – Bernama

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