The Farmer First Aid course will be hosted by H&H Insurance at Carlisle Borderway Mart


A FIRST AID course aimed at reducing the impact of accidents on farms will be held later this month.

The Farmer First Aid course, held at the Borderway Mart in Carlisle, was designed specifically for people working in agriculture, which has the worst workplace injury rate of any industry.

Organized by H&H Safety, which is part of H&H Insurance Brokers, the course will take place on Tuesday, November 30, and will cover practical skills for dealing with life-threatening on-farm scenarios such as ATV accidents and incidents involving animals and machines.

Paul Graham, Managing Director of H&H Insurance Brokers, which operates in the north of England, the Scottish Borders and Wales, said: “It is important that we remove or manage risk on the farm and that we raise awareness how farmers can protect themselves from injury. The course highlights the serious dangers farmers face on a daily basis and helps them spot the dangers and best avoid them.

“Sometimes wounds cannot be repaired with basic first aid, but knowing the right action to take while help is on the way could mean the difference between life and death.”

According to the most recent figures from the Health and Safety Executive, approximately 12,000 workers in agriculture, forestry and fishing have been injured on the job, a figure significantly higher than in other industries.

The number of people who lost their lives in agricultural incidents from April 2020 to the end of March 2021 nearly doubled to 41, from 21 the previous year. The 2020/2021 figure includes 34 workers and seven members of the public.

The course is delivered by Farm and Forestry First Aid (F3A), which offers specialized first aid courses for the agriculture and forestry sector.

The three-hour course covers essential first aid skills such as assessing a victim, correct recovery position, how to administer CPR, use of an automated external defibrillator, as well as learning the treatment of crush injuries, amputation, impalement and severe bleeding. .

The course is led by qualified healthcare professionals registered with the Health & Care Professions Council. To reserve a place, email [email protected] or call Alison Agnew on 01228 406332.

H&H Safety is in partnership with the health and safety specialists AW Safety.

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