Tamil Nadu Forest Department plans to add 28,000 hectares to Point Calimere Sanctuary


The Forestry Department has decided to contact Chemplast and the Department of Industry to hand over portions of the unstudied salt marshes and swamps, measuring approximately 28,000 hectares, to be added to the Point Calimere Bird and Wildlife Preserve. The goal is to make it one of the best habitats in the world for flamingos and wading birds.

The decision was made after Chief Wildlife Custodian Shekhar Kumar Niraj visited the sanctuary on Saturday to record the population of migrating birds in the swampy area. During the one-day estimate and monitoring, teams from the Department of Forestry and the Bombay Natural History Society counted nearly 10,000 birds near the Chemplast swamp near the Kalwakarai pumping station. , west of the great swamp of Vedaranyam.

“We observed the flamingos from a distance of about 600 meters and watched the great wall of the flamingos that they formed in the swampy area. The most notable fact was the sighting of two chicks in one of the flamingo congregations, indicating that the flamingos would nest and breed somewhere closer and most likely in the Trincomalee or Mannar region of Sri Lanka in the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, “Niraj said. Steps would be taken to place the sanctuary, including unstudied swampy areas, on the global ecotourism map by adding facilities and tools. high quality conservation, he said.

Besides the flamingos, the team, led by Mr. Niraj, documented in large numbers the main migratory species such as painted storks, pelicans, curlew sandpipers, ringed plover, red-billed Caspian tern, white ibis, wood knot, seagulls, crested tern, stilt and knight prawns.

Some of these species came from Russia and the Arctic regions. The arrival of migratory birds has been phenomenal this season, raising great hopes for conservation, team members said.

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