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Each year, the Music Department at Lake Forest High School hosts an evening of amazing music and cheer for the holidays, and completes it with an amazing spaghetti dinner. Sadly, this will be the second year that COVID has ended the tradition.

Last year, the ministry organized a Virtual Holiday Concert and worked with Chief’s Pub to offer a take out dinner option.

Fortunately, in-person concerts are back this year. However, having spaghetti dinner in person is still not a feasible option, are partnering with Ferentino’s to offer a take out dinner option that will benefit music programs. There will also be an Applause sponsored auction with items including parking, a choice of locker, and a daily coffee drink during Semester 2.

By retracing the history of the event, Joan Smoron, a member of the original Moms committee that ran the event, said her daughters were part of the group when it started around 1987 or 1988.

“We started it as a way to raise money, but it didn’t initially include the orchestra and choir. It was really great fun! All the moms cooked, and finally we perfected our recipe. It was successful enough to continue and everyone seemed to be having fun, ”she said. “It’s incredible that this continues! Of course, it’s much more elaborate now, more modernized.

Throughout the years that LFHS has hosted the event, thousands of people have enjoyed the festive atmosphere. Whether it’s just attending or participating as a musician, it’s always a night to remember.

“My favorite memory was definitely playing with a flute choir! “Said Lianna Wisneski, formerly of the LFHS group. “It was so much fun walking around and playing all the music that we worked so hard on. My favorite piece was “Carol Of The Bells”. It was fun to hear all the other music that different bands had been working on all year that we wouldn’t have been able to hear otherwise.

As the event progressed over the years, it became more and more popular, which led to the inclusion of both the band and the choir.

“It’s a great way for people to get an overview of everything we’re doing. The Madrigals sing in the cafeteria, and at the same time the Holiday Winds serenade people who walk through the door. I also love that all the shows are on the same day, so I can enjoy what the other shows have been working on! said the accompanist of the choir, Mrs. Natasha Mah.

This year, the Music Department is delighted to be back in person. More so, they are looking to the future in hopes of reimplementing the historic in-person spaghetti dinner next year.

“The holiday concerts and spaghetti dinner have always been a highlight of the holiday season and a wonderful opportunity to share the musical gifts of our wonderful students with the community. After the isolation of online learning, these shared experiences are more important than ever and music brings us together in ways few can do, ”said Kessler.

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