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JAMMU: To use the monsoon season to raise plantations in educational institutions, various Panchayats come up. In this regard, in Palwan village of Panchayat Palwan, a large number of locals and Sarpanchas / Panchs, BDC / DDC members today organized a massive planting campaign here in the 300 kanal area of ​​Degree College , Akhnoor.

With the help of a large number of Panchayat members from adjacent Panchayats like Dhok Jagir, Dhok Ghaink, Gurah-West, Suhgal-C, Pangeri etc. BDC / DDC members & local population & teachers & other college staff and students, planting of various plant species has been resumed. This will help to reclaim this large expanse of barren land into a green area which will enhance the ambiance of this higher education institution. This was a joint effort of the Department of Social Forestry, Panchayat Village and the school administration.

The Department of Social Forestry organizes such planting campaigns in various institutions, such as hospitals / colleges, Panchayats with the active participation of PRI. The department also undertakes plantations on common Panchayat / village / state lands with the cooperation and assistance of Panchayat members and local people, youth clubs, NGOs, students, etc.

On Panchayat lands, plantation assets are raised with the cooperation of PRI representatives. This will on the one hand increase the green cover and improve the overall environment and on the other hand will contribute to perpetual income to the Panchayats and temporary benefits like fodder, herbs, firewood and kindling for the population. local.

During the current monsoon season, the department will plant over 10.00 lakh plants and over 1.00 lakh plants will be distributed to farmers and other interested stakeholders, so that they can undertake afforestation activities on the available land.

On this occasion, PCCF / Director, Social Forestry Department Roshan Jaggi, interacted with a large number of Panchs / Sarpanchs, BDC / DDC members and some BDC presidents.

The local populations have expressed a keen interest in using the services of the Department to plant crops on their agricultural land.

According to the department, more than 320 such planting events have been organized by the department in more than 280 panchayats during the month of July 2021, and people are showing great interest and enthusiasm for planting on the vacant land available during the current monsoon season. . The government recently issued instructions to actively involve the Sarpanches and Panches in reforestation activities and their future maintenance.

Recently, Lieutenant Governor J&K issued checks to numerous Panchayat committees representing 75% of the final harvest of mature plantations cultivated by the Department of Social Forestry on Panchayat lands.

The director of the Degree College, the president of the BDC, the members of the DDC, SDM Akhnoor, the regional director of social forestry also shared their points of view with the local populations present on this occasion.

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