Forestry department criticizes fire risks warns


As fires rage in Greece and Turkey, the Forestry Department has reminded the public that a red fire warning alert is in place in Cyprus.

The Forestry Department said several fires broke out at noon on Wednesday and warned that critical weather and dry conditions could lead to a rapid or dramatic increase in wildfires. The slightest spark could cause a huge fire, the department said.

He reminded the public that the burning of grass, twigs and garbage is prohibited, while the use of tools in the countryside or agricultural machinery producing sparks or flames should be avoided. He added that lit cigarette butts should not be thrown on the ground.

The meteorological office, meanwhile, issued another orange weather warning for Wednesday evening through Thursday afternoon.

The minimum temperature at 1 a.m. Thursday is expected to be 27 degrees Celsius inland and 26 ° C on the north coast, according to the warning. The warning, valid until 5 p.m. Thursday, said the temperature is expected to reach 43 ° C inland and 35 ° C in the highest mountainous areas.

Anyone who sees smoke or fire in or near the forest should contact 1407 (Forest Service) or 112 (Fire Department).

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