Forestry Department clears 15,000 durian trees to make way for 20,000 forest trees


The Musang King Alliance (SAMKA), a group of self-identified small durian growers involved in the legal dispute with the state government, said the 15,000 trees bearing the king of fruit took more than 20 years for farmers to develop, reported Malaysian courier.

SAMKA President Wilson Chang said authorities violated a stay order granted by the Court of Appeal, which allows farmers to continue growing durians in the area.

The court ruled that authorities are not allowed to evict or prevent farmers from entering their orchards.

However, the state government claimed that the cleared area is not part of the legal battle between durian producers and Royal Pahang Durian Resources-PKPP Sdn Bhd (RPDR-PKPP), a company believed to be linked to the Pahang royalty, reported Malaysiakini.

Chang denounced the authorities for having no empathy for the farmers.

“In the eyes of the Pahang Forest Department, 15,000 durians were just numbers“Chang said.

“Nevertheless, trees are the only source of livelihood for farmers, who are also their only hope of surviving the pandemic.”

In addition, SAMKA claims that the irreversible land clearing operation involving 250 acres of land will have a severe impact on the forest reserve.

” As is Forestry Department The excuse of “preserving the environment” is unjustifiable and only makes the department itself the laughing stock“Chang said.

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