Forest service removes barbed wire from Sanjay Van | Delhi News

New Delhi: The Forestry Department has removed barbed wire from Sanjay Van. The wires interrupted the free movement of wildlife in the urban forest. The planting area was fenced with a chain link.
Previously, a plea had been filed in the Delhi High Court claiming that wild animals were trapped and injured because of the barbed wire fences.
Verhean Khanna, the petitioner, however said: “After the barbed wire was removed, they used plastic fences and chain link fences, which again hamper the movement of wildlife. Furthermore, no action has been taken against the authorities for using barbed wire in the first place. ”
In her petition, Khanna claimed that a sharp barbed wire fence along the trails and around Sanjay Van Lake was dangerous to wildlife living in the forest. He said he had received complaints that wild animals were getting stuck and injured because of the barbed wire.
An affidavit submitted by the Forestry Department said: “A team made up of officials from the DDA, the Southern Forestry Division and the Horticulture Department has been assembled to identify areas surrounded by barbed wire interfering with the free movement of wildlife at Sanjay Van premises. In this regard, a field observation of all the premises was carried out. All barbed wire has been removed. In addition, the planting area was fenced with chain-link fences.

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