Delhi HC asks forestry department to consider if 60-year-old peepal is dangerous


The Delhi High Court on Thursday questioned how the North Delhi Municipal Corporation had attempted to transplant a 60-year-old peepal tree in Inderpuri and asked the Delhi Forestry Department to re-examine the ‘tree to check whether it is dangerous or not.

On October 28, the court ordered the authorities not to damage or remove the tree in any way and halted NDMC’s action halfway after lead attorney N Hariharan mentioned that the he 60-year-old tree near his residence was illegally cut. The court said that serious and irreparable damage would be caused not only to the environment but also to local residents if the tree was allowed to be cut.

Pulling up the NDMC, Judge Sanjeev Sachdeva on Thursday asked the civic body to explain how it was possible to transplant such an old tree and observed that its removal may require the demolition of some houses near the tree.

“How are you going to remove the roots from the tree?” What was the requirement? This is not how trees are transplanted. If you prune the tree this way it won’t survive, ”the court said, adding that the tree might not survive if it is removed this way.

The NDMC told the court on Thursday that the tree’s existence had become dangerous due to the construction of a nearby building. The lawyer representing the Deputy Conservator of Forests (DCF), however, told the court that his authorization to relocate the tree had lapsed and the court application had therefore become unsuccessful.

The court, after seeing photos of the tree, noted in the order that at first glance there was no danger of the tree falling as no tilting or sagging was observed. He also noted that the building where construction was taking place has since been completed, while asking DCF to re-examine the tree.

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