Coronavirus: cases during the holiday week on average 339, according to health service reports


The Erie County Department of Health is reporting a daily average of 339 COVID-19 cases during the holiday week (December 27 – January 2).

The health department also reported 10 new deaths over the holiday week, bringing the county’s total death toll to 669. Of the 10 deaths, 5 were vaccinated.

During the holiday week, 1,451 people in Erie County received the vaccine. This brings the total number of people vaccinated in Erie County to 172,944.

Number of personsFrom the eligible populationOf the total population
Partially vaccinated23,5969.3%8.7%
Fully vaccinated149,34858.6%55.4%
Courtesy of the Erie County Department of Health

Find vaccines near you

  • text the postal code to 438829
  • visit
  • call 1-800-232-0233

Free vaccines are available for residents of Erie County aged 5 and over. For the list of local vaccinations
sites, visit Call ahead to confirm times.


The CDC recommends that everyone wear masks indoors in areas with substantial to high transmission rates. All counties in Pennsylvania except Forest County are currently listed as having high transmission rates.

Stay at home and inform close contacts

To prevent the infection from spreading to others, community members are encouraged to stay home while awaiting test results. Those with positive test results, even if they have no symptoms, should:

  • stay at home
  • stay away from others in their homes and, if possible, use a separate bathroom
  • inform loved ones to stay home and get tested

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Wear masks to prevent spread

Wearing a mask that covers the mouth and nose has been shown to reduce the spread of infections.
respiratory diseases such as COVID-19. Studies on the effects of wearing masks have shown that there is no
change in oxygen or carbon dioxide levels when people wear surgical clothing and masks while resting and
to exercise.

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