Akshay replaces SRK in forest department message for tiger estimate


BHOPAL: Bollywood star Akshay Kumar replaced Shah Rukh Khan in the Forestry Department’s motivational post that is used for All India Tiger and Co-predator Prey and Habitat Estimate-2022, a forestry official said.

In a previous tiger estimation in 2018, the department circulated its own adaptation of Shah Rukh Khan’s speech from the movie Chak De India to motivate around 10,000 field staff engaged in tiger estimation. However, Shah Rukh Khan’s name has been mired in controversy after his son Aryan Khan was recently arrested in a cruise drug case.

“In this tiger estimation, we use a dialogue from Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Rowdy Rathore’ to motivate the field staff engaged in the estimation,” said PCCF (Wildlife) Alok Kumar.

“Sau saal zinda rahne ke liye… sau saal ki umra zaroori nahi. In saat dino me aisa kaam kar jao ki log tumhe sau saal tak yaad rakhein (100 years of life is not necessary to keep your name alive for the next 100 years. Do something during those seven days that will be remembered for 100 years). “

“We are using this dialogue to motivate the forestry staff involved in the estimation. They have been told that MP must stay ahead of the number of tigers. For this it is important that the estimation work is done wholeheartedly,” Kumar said.

Movie stars and catchy dialogue have a profound impact on people and help motivate them, he added.

He avoided further questions about replacing Akshay Kumar with Shah Rukh Khan, saying icons didn’t matter as much as their element of mass appeal.

Nonetheless, another senior forestry department official said it was wise to steer clear of controversy, so dialogue from Akshay Kumar’s film and his photo was used this time around. “This is not an official mission. It is only intended for motivation,” added the officer.

Posted on: Thursday, November 25, 2021, 5:01 am IST

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