Although for the first time in eight years, 250,000 Croats may have felt the first significant increase in wages in February this year (around 2%), Croatia is still the only transition country whose wages are lower today than in the worst years of the crisis, namely 2010.

A non-classical model whose terms differ from one financial company to another

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Analyzes show that many workers in our country still do not feel any recovery, which the state has long announced, because we are among only seven EU countries where wages were lower this year.

Per capita debt is approximately HRK 50 0430

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Given that the majority of the working population in Croatia is underpaid, according to European standards, over HRK 50,000 amounts to debt per capita, with approximately 10 per cent being blocked by credit; that is why it is not surprising that there is a great demand for loans and loans.

However, according to the data (in the country where the actual number of unemployed is around half a million kunas), it is clear that we are running out of creditworthy people…

Lending to the rest of the receipts as a non-classic model

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According to this financial picture, the unemployment figures, the amount of salary and the debt mentioned, it is clear that for those who need a financial loan there is one recipe against such a stressful financial situation; and this is a characteristic lending model – lending to the rest of the income.

Some commercial banks and credit companies offer lending to the rest of the income, and it is specific that the creditworthiness of the client is not affected by the total debt (ie one third of the salary is not a requirement).

While some financial banks thus offer an unlimited number of loans to the rest of the proceeds, for others it is a condition for raising a quick loan to keep two-thirds of the remainder free, with the third remaining “half the rest”; whichever you decide to look for a loan for the rest of your income.

The terms for this loan vary greatly

The terms for this loan vary greatly

In any case, since lending to the rest of the proceeds poses a high financial risk to the companies that issue it, the debt visible from the HROK must be orderly. In some lending companies, such lending can be contracted for up to seven years, and the maximum amount of the loan principal can be up to EUR 10 thousand (while in most companies it is still smaller).

Given that credit companies and financial banks decide for themselves under which conditions they will lend to the client for the remainder of the proceeds, the determination of their creditworthiness varies greatly from branch to branch.

Thus, the risk managers and analysts employed by a particular commercial bank or lending company define the term credit in a particular home, and it is up to each of them to decide to what extent they will go with the loan; as well as by which time it will allow repayment.

We have mentioned the maximum of EUR 10 thousand for seven years, but there are more frequent cases where the lending to the rest of the recipient even exceeds this limit; to a maximum of HRK 6,000, with a repayment period of five months. It will also be the decision of the company analyst, as well as who can make these loans and what conditions they must meet.

Somewhere, retirement loans are also available to retirees

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In some companies, for example, a loan for the rest of the income can only be realized by citizens with a minimum of 6 months of work experience, employed in small and large enterprises and crafts, but pensioners up to the age of 72, while other credit and financial institutions require that is a client employed indefinitely. In short, one of the more important rules in this loan model is that the rules vary greatly from place to place.

The advantage of lending to the rest of the proceeds is the fact that creditworthiness is not affected by the overall debt of the client, and you can receive the repayment, as well as most loans offered by commercial banks and companies, online in a few simple steps.

No need to visit the branches, it is enough to find on the Internet where you can get this type of loan on the conditions that suit you and that you fulfill, fill in the necessary information and loans for the rest of the grip is realized; in most companies within the usual 24 hours

Loans and borrowings as required goods

Loans and borrowings as required goods

While it is almost impossible for most citizens to settle their debts without a loan, economic policy advocates increasing investment and spending. Because of such a policy, fast loans to Nereid and similar services will always be a “required commodity”, so it is not in anyone’s interest to run out of those who can realize them, but also to pay them back.