Loan money according to your own needs

Loans have become increasingly popular with Danish consumers, which we believe is a positive sign in the country’s development. In the past, borrowing money was pretty taboo. So then, people went very quietly with the doors if they needed to borrow money. At the same time, this situation meant that the possibilities for loans were limited compared to today. In fact, a large part of the population saw only the bank as an option if quick loans were to be taken in any order of magnitude.

But in today’s Denmark, it is now something completely different, because now you are greeted by offers of loans wherever something is sold largely. This is, of course, positive, as it does help to reduce loan costs. But you will also experience clutter when you have to find and record quick loans for your needs. Here there is no alarm, we have arranged it all and made it easy for you to get the full overview. So, as a user here at, you should only concentrate on which loan provider you want when you want to borrow money.

Loans without notifying the bank

We are often asked about the security of taking out loans without notifying the bank. Here’s the answer quite simple, if you choose that the recommended quick loans here on our comparison page can rely fully on security. We believe that security and security are an extremely high priority when you need to take out a quick loan. The money you borrow we usually always be transferred directly to your NemKonto in the bank. You will also be asked to sign your loan application with NemID. Our experience has shown that both things affect the Danes’ confidence in quick loans in a positive direction. It is both an advantage for the borrower and the lender.

Return to the bank and to loan money without giving this message. We have experienced a lot of despair in relation to whether the respective loan providers give your bank a message when you apply for a loan. Here we can easily remove the fear you may have for this because it does not happen in any way. It may be you are looking for an alternative to the loan you were offered in the bank and then it does not mean that they are notified of this. Here on the page and by the loan providers, we offer you can safely rely on full discretion when you want to get a loan.

How much money can I borrow?

Payday loans up to 3,000 dollars are possible to apply for here.  Although it may seem a little too comical, then this is an option. So no matter what loan amount you need, we can help you up to DKK 400,000. So you can borrow money for just about anything, such as a car or something that costs many thousands of dollars. When talking about the larger loan amounts, many think about the purchase of more expensive things. But it certainly does not have to be. We have examples of users who have also taken out a loan for starting a business. The possibilities are many, but it is you who decides how to use the money you borrow. Find the loan providers you think best about now and apply for a loan.